Featured Rider - Jean Gorton

LadyDudes, say hi to Jean Gorton!

Jean has been a cyclist her whole life but started mountain biking in 2010 out of jealousy of her husband’s mistress…his mountain bike! She saw how many friends he was making and how much fun he was having so she decided to jump in.

When Jean’s not helping with a Bell Joy Ride, attending WYCO Wednesday or an EarthRiders event you might find her in her garden or doing volunteer work. If you know Jean and follow her on social media then you know that she’s also an avid photographer. Talk her into taking some pics of you on the trail, you won’t regret it!

We couldn’t get Jean to pick just one favorite trail but a few of her faves are WYCO, Shawnee Mission Park and Smithville. She’s planning to travel to the Bocawina Rainforest in Belize this fall to celebrate an unnamed, important birthday. I think we’ll all be jealous of those pics!

Some other fun facts about Jean are that she has a total of 5 working bikes to cover any type of riding you can imagine, she rides flats because “cooler looking pedals and shoes” and one thing she always carries in her pack when riding is dental floss (ha!).

One of Jean’s most recent mountain biking goals is to continue to improve jumping. We’re right there with ya, Jean!