Featured Rider - Renee Thierry

LadyDudes, let us introduce you to local rider Renee Thierry.

Renee started mountain biking about 6 years ago. She recalls that she was trying to impress her friend, Marc, and it totally worked because now they’re married. She keeps quite busy in the cycling community by working full time at Bike Stop in Blue Springs, being a Liv Ambassador and is on the Roots Mountain Biking team.

You’re likely to see her out riding her Liv Pique at Landahl or Jacomo, her favorite trails. She also recently got a Liv Langma road bike and has been blasting some pavement. You can even catch her out grinding gravel on her Foundry Auger.

Think Renee sounds pretty tough, right? She is. Even tough riders admit they struggle though. She shared that one of her proudest accomplishments on the mountain bike was staying positive throughout the duration of the Ouachita Challenge this year. The Ouachita Challenge is a 60+ mile race on singletrack through the beautiful Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas. Renee has admitted struggling mentally, particularly in endurance races, by putting too much unnecessary pressure on herself. She found that she was comparing herself to others and to where her fitness used to be. She worked on changing her mindset by setting these four goals for herself, 1. Finish if my bike and body allow it. 2. Stay positive. 3. Be an encouragement to others. 4. Have fun! She was able to accomplish all of those at Ouachita Challenge this year and made it a successful event for herself.

Renee also shared that she feels very lucky to be a part of the KC community of women mountain bikers. To quote her, “I am biased, but I think we have the most awesome crew of ladies around. Everyone is so supportive, encouraging and kind. Maybe it’s just that Midwest charm!”

We couldn’t agree more with you, Renee!