What is a LadyDude?

Welcome to our website and our first blog post! If this is your first time here, we want to answer the questions “What IS a LadyDude?” and “Why do you call yourselves, LadyDudes?”

A LadyDude is any female identifying person who rides on singletrack trails. A female mountain biker. All you need is the desire to ride and a bike that fits, even if you borrow one – that counts! We like to think of ourselves as badass women, whether we just rode our first mile or raced for the 20th time. We come
together to ride, socialize, and learn from each other. We laugh, sometimes cry, and are happiest when we share the trails together!

Mountain biking began as a male dominated sport, and like many things, mountain biking has its own language. All the bros, and brahs that ride, referred to each other as “dude” – you know, with that surfer, stoner kind of tone. Then along came a handful of lady riders, who started recruiting other lady riders, and the KC Women’s Dirt Summit was born (which we will highlight in a future post).

A few years ago at the Dirt Summit, all of us were picking up on the language like shred, and braaap, and sending it…we also started calling each other dude…and then LadyDude! The name stuck – hard - like super glue. We’ve been calling each other that since then and have been recognized as far east as St. Louis, as far West as the mountains of Colorado, up North into Nebraska, and as far South as your mountain bike can take you!

Our mission is to inspire confidence and promote sisterhood among the women in the Midwest through the sport of mountain biking. Come along for the ride.

See you on the trails LadyDude!

Written by LadyDude Michelle Schmiedeler